I am quite excited because I finally got around to juicing beets for the first time! I have been wanting to juice beets for awhile now.

Apple Beet Lemon Juice

Apple Beet Lemon Juice

Beets, like many other vegetables, are extremely good for you. Specifically, beets are anti-inflammatory, cancer-fighting, nutrient-rich and can help to increase your blood flow leading to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. One article even suggests beets may even be performance enhancing. Basically, there are many health benefits to beets.

I decided to make an apple beet lemon juice. This seemed like a juice that would taste good and allow me to ease into beet juices. Additionally, it’s a nutritious juice that is full of potassium, vitamins and minerals.

This apple beet lemon juice is incredibly delicious! When you first taste it, you taste the beet. It tastes earthy and rooty and is a flavor hard to relate to anything else. Next you taste the sweetness of the apple, and finally you taste the tart lemon. I really liked the complex flavors and how you taste each of them in this juice.

Serves one
Makes 1.5 cups

Apple Beet Lemon Juice Recipe

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 apples
  • 1 large beet (or two smaller beets)
  • 1/2 lemon
Ingredients for Apple Beet Lemon Juice

Ingredients for Apple Beet Lemon Juice

Start by thoroughly washing your lemon, two apples and a large beet, or two smaller beets. I scrubbed the outside of the beet to ensure that there was no dirt remaining on it. If you are not using an organic beet, then I would recommend peeling the skin off the beet as the skin of the beet would be where any harmful pesticides would be.

Once all your ingredients have been washed, get to prepping these ingredients for the juicer. Cut your apples into slices. Then slice your lemon in half and remove as much of the outer rind as possible while leaving as much of the white part intact to ensure that your receive the most possible nutrients. Finally, cut your beet into smaller pieces that your juicer will be able to easily process.

I alternated putting a small piece of the beet in the juicer followed by an apple slice. I continued like this until there was no more beet left. I then put in the half of the lemon and finished with the rest of the apple slices until everything had been juiced.

Pour your apple beet lemon juice into a glass and enjoy immediately or store in an airtight container for up to three days!

Nutrition Facts

Apple Beet Lemon Juice Nutrition Facts

Apple Beet Lemon Juice Nutrition Facts

Apple Beet Lemon Juice Nutrition Facts 2

Apple Beet Lemon Juice Nutrition Facts 2

One serving of this apple beet lemon juice will provide you with 209 calories and 55 grams of your total carbohydrates. It will also give you 2 grams of protein and over 600 milligrams of potassium.

In terms of vitamins, you’ll be receiving 5% of your daily vitamin E, 12% of your daily vitamin B-6, and over 100% of your daily vitamin C.

In terms of minerals, this apple beet lemon juice will provide you with a variety. Some of those include, but are not limited to, 8% of your daily iron, 15% of your daily copper, 19% of your daily manganese and 24% of your daily folate.

The complete nutrition facts can be seen in the images above and have been calculated using Sparks Recipe Calculator.