My recipe this week for the Hungry Husky column in the Daily Campus is for this new green smoothie I came up with.

Layers of the green smoothie from the top down: raspberries, strawberries, banana, spinach leaves, and orange juice.

I wanted to make a green smoothie this morning for me and my boyfriend. Usually I always make green smoothies the same with spinach leaves, romaine lettuce, orange juice, and a banana. That recipe is super simple and tastes great. But today I wanted to play around a little bit and see what kind of green smoothie I could create. A spinach and berry smoothie is what I came up with!

Makes 2 smoothies
(3 cups)

Time: 10 minutes

So here’s what you’ll need:
-1 cup of orange juice
-1 banana
-five strawberries
-large handful of raspberries (about 12 to 15)
-one huge handful of spinach
This ended up being two cups packed in my blender.

Spinach and berry smoothie ready to drink!

First place one cup of your orange juice into the blender. This will make a nice, thick smoothie. If you like your smoothies with more liquid, I would suggest adding more orange juice to fit your taste.

Now you will do all of your prep work to get your fruits and vegetables ready for the blender. Wash your large handful of spinach leaves thoroughly to remove all dirt, sand or grit. Then cut off the stems from the leaves. Wash your strawberries well and then cut the tops off. Cut your strawberries in half. Now wash your raspberries well.

Spinach and Berry Nutrition Facts

At this point, everything has been washed and cut and is ready to go. Place your spinach leaves, banana, strawberries and raspberries into the blender with the orange juice.

Blend on high for about two minutes to make sure everything is well blended and there are no chunks throughout the entire smoothie. Then pour and enjoy!

This smoothie is low in fat, highly nutritious, and extremely filling. You can see the basic nutrition information below, but let me give you a few more details about this smoothie. In addition to the over 700 milligrams of potassium, one serving of this smoothie will also give you almost 60% of your daily vitamin A, almost 24% of your vitamin B-6, and 125% of your vitamin C. All of these nutrition facts were calculated using Spark Recipes’ recipe calculator.