So every Friday, starting today, I will have a recipe printed in my column, The Hungry Husky, in the Daily Campus, the University of Connecticut’s newspaper!

My first recipe, a hummus and veggie sandwich, was printed today.

I am also putting the recipe on my blog as well so scroll down if you’d prefer to read it here!

In the mood for a good sandwich? Trying to eat healthier? Are you crazy about hummus?

Imagine this: a toasted bread slice covered in hummus topped with cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce followed by another toasted bread slice.

My Hummus and Veggie Sandwich!

Need some meat in your sandwich? Add some bacon and you’ll get a different, and healthier, version of the traditional BLT.

The basics you’ll need:
-A good amount of your favorite kind of hummus (My favorite is garlic!)
-About 10 slices of cucumber
-About 4 slices of tomatoes or 6 cherry tomatoes sliced in half
-As much lettuce as you can fit, usually 3 leaves for me
-Two slices of your favorite bread toasted

Serves 1, prep time 5 minutes.

The best part about this sandwich to me is that it can be altered to be the sandwich you want it to be. Add some raw zucchini instead of cucumber for the same crunch but different taste. Sick of romaine lettuce? Try spinach or arugula leaves instead. Don’t like hummus? Then use your favorite spread no matter how crazy from ranch dressing to pesto sauce or your traditional mayonnaise and mustard. Experiment with different types of bread like multigrain breads or even use a tortilla to make a wrap. And the best part about this sandwich is that it is something you can make at your apartment or on campus in one of the dining halls. The possibilities with this sandwich are endless!